Friday, October 9, 2009

The Lawyer Opines on The Nobel Peace Prize and Jump Shots

All one can do is speculate why some woolly, old cats in Oslo decided that the Nobel Peace Prize should go to the still new President of The United States. Even though I am a Democrat, and a big fan of Obama, you have to admit that he has not accomplished anything note worthy, yet. If he had, then I would agree that he is some sort of Messiah.

Turning a super tanker around that has been piloted into dire straights by Jesus freaks, neocons and Wall Street executives for the last eight years will take longer than Obama has been in office to right. It took eight years for Bush and company to damn near destroy the global economy, stunt international relations by telling everyone who didn't agree with them to go piss down their leg, to cripple global environmental efforts while denying credence to science, to bankrupt the Treasury while going woefully in debt to Communist China to the tune of trillions.

While all that disaster was in the works the rest of the world must have been driven to considerable dismay that the leader of the free world couldn't string two words together without making a grammatical error and looked and sounded like a smart ass doing it. In part, awarding Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize was the Nobel award committees' way of saying, 'We had written America off as being populated by a bunch of easily scared half-wits that are unfit to govern themselves, and thank you for proving us wrong. This award is given to all Americans that voted for the skinny smart guy that reads, writes, thinks, speaks perfect English and has a pretty fine jump shot, to boot.'

The other reason Obama was awarded the prize, I call the Frodo Factor. Like Frodo, Obama stepped up and was elected to do what appears, from this point and time, to be close to insurmountable. He's a hero by virtue of volunteering to take on mission impossible--fixing one hell of a mess left by government-hating Jesus freaks, neocons and those greedy scum on Wall Street. All that cabal of idiots can do is breathlessly, and nonsensically, criticize his every move, even while they hear the swacking sound of nothing-but-net that he shot right over their heads.


  1. The U.S. economy THRIVED under G.W. Bush. We had 9/11 happen and the economy took a huge hit, but we came back from it and we rode a very nice wave or prosperity and enjoyed low unemployment.
    It was only in the last year that all of the past sins came back to haunt all of us... And those sins began with the absurd intention of giving everyone a house and forcing the hand of banks to give loans to people whom they would have turned down at any other time.

    Nobody owes me a new house, a new car, a visit to the doctor, the dentist or a high dollar lawyer... So why should the government force everyone else to pitch in and pay for those things? The practice of forcing banks to make risky loans to less than responsible people is what made more and more of said people default on the loans, and then that number grew and grew as more and more of them found it impossible to pay for the houses they could not afford in the first place...

    Do you now see where the finger should be pointed at?? NOT at a president who kept us safe during extremely dangerous times. NOT at a president who stimulated the economy by simply letting us keep more of the money we earned and recovered the stock market and helped it skyrocket to its highest level in history. NOT at a president who liberated 50 million people in the Middle East and freed two countries from terrorist dictatorships. And certainly NOT at a president who did MORE FOR THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA THAN ANY OTHER U.S. PRESIDENT.


  2. The Lawyer: Noe, It is true, he did a world of good for Africa. I sharply disagree with your characterization of the Obama administration as being socialist--the notion that they are handing things out, etc. In rebutting your last paragraph I would say yes, no attacks occurred on US soil after 9/11, and still haven't; the Bush administration enabled an unsustainable (and harmful) bubble through lax regulation by the SEC; and that they lied us into an unnecessary war that has strategically benefited Iran.

  3. Engineer says:
    President who kept us safe? The 9/11 attack happened on his watch! He even had a security briefing before that had a title like "Terrorists to strike US targets with airplanes".
    And his reaction to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was comedy of disastor for its lameness.
    As for the definition of liberator, that fiasco
    that was started on false pretenses,caused us over 1 trillion in debt, over 500,000 Iraq's killed with 102,000 collateral civilian dead. Completely destroyed their infrastructure and we are still with no end in site! Nice liberation! Mission Accomplished!
    Dont even start on the economy, it crashed right as he was turning out the lights. It was a car outa control doing 100 mph and he gets to jump out and hand the wheel to someone else.
    Those poor Banks and Wall Street investors, being forced to make those loans? They don't do anything without a profit in it. Forced? Bullshit. They were bundling and leveraging those loan packages as fast as they could send them out. Then when it started to collapse, they had to come up with 30 dollars to every dollar leveraged! And we bailed them out.

  4. I see this award as a vote of confidence from the global community, in effect saying "Way to go America- we thought you had regressed to a bunch of puling, crap-throwing monkeys, but we were wrong. Here you have finally elected a leader who is trying to do the right thing by the poor in your country and the rest of the world. Someone who actually cares more about the future we are handing to our kids than about how many dollars he can enable his corporate buddies on Wall Street and in the Oil Business to make. It is incredible that he is even attempting to make lemonade when he was not handed lemons, but horse apples from the former administration. So even though he hasn't copleted his mission, we are proud of him for trying."