Friday, October 16, 2009

Now that's a health plan to die for...

In a surprise move today, the house minority Republicans tried to pass their own health care bill ahead of the Democratic bill being debated. The bill, known as the Halliburton Healthiness Plan, would take the place of the public option by making health care available to everyone thru the use of one company instead of the currently debated public plan.

“Why should the government be the one to provide the health care option for the currently uninsured?” stated House Minority leader McConnell. “Better to have the private sector running the show instead of Government.”

When asked about his opinion of the bill, Republican Jim Inhofe added, “It’s a win/win plan where we stimulate the economy, make health insurance available to everybody, and we don’t have to rely on trusting big government to be in charge of American citizens. I am also delighted that the “Global Warming is a big load amendment” was also added to further show to the average citizen that honesty is job one with the Republicans.”

Halliburton is already gearing up with intense lobbying for the passage of the bill. Quoted by a non-identified source, “We just so happened to have 500 lobbyists in place, trying to block passage of that intrusive rape non-disclosure and arbitration thing, so its no biggie.”

When Democrats were asked to comment on this surprise piece of legislation, all that was said was "You have got to be f*&#$# kidding me!"

The above post is a parody in the form of a news article. Get over


  1. Lawyer: Ha! That's good. We've been busy today.

  2. The Engineer: Yes, I have been reading about this thing called humor and thought it would be good to try to incorporate some of this new strange concept in the Engineer posts.