Saturday, November 7, 2009

100% Wrong

The Republicans in Congress have made it their policy to oppose everything the president supports.  To listen to the Republicans, as I have been doing today on C-SPAN watching the health care debate, you would think that it is the Democrats' agenda to turn this country upside down, and castrate it.

Is it probable, as the Republicans seem to suggest in their unanimous opposition to the president and Democrats, that everything the Democrats stand for is 100% wrong?  Is it probable that the Republicans are 100% right in the positions that they defend and offer as alternatives to fix the country?  I would say the answer to both of those questions is, no.

There really is no hope for bipartisanship in our government until our two parties are composed of a majority who have intellectual integrity, and that are concerned with discovering jointly the basic facts upon which to establish the basis of a debate.  That requires a greater loyalty to the truth and country than one's party. 

Over and over, I have watched and listened to Republicans today warn of the horrors of passing, what they refer to in the pejorative as "The Pelosi Bill."  They say it will take away people's freedoms, whatever that means.  They say the bill will provide free health care to illegal immigrants.  It will slash funding for medicare, and adversely effect the health of America's senior citizens, notwithstanding that the AARP and the AMA have endorsed the bill.  They argue that the bill is a backdoor ploy to foist upon America a single payer/nationalized health care system, like the ones that kill people on a daily basis in Canada and Great Britain.

Their arguments are lies; that or they are so retarded with fear they have lost the capacity to distinguish truth from fiction.  More likely, the Republicans' agenda is to oppose everything the Whitehouse does for the sake of political gain, even at the expense of the welfare of American citizens. 

Is the agenda of NO simply degenerate or evil?  

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