Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lawyer on Reverse Populism

Ruling that corporations are the same as individuals, when it comes to free speech, the Supreme Court has overturned portions of the McCain-Feingold restrictions on corporate spending and advertising, and has opened the gates wide for corporate money to be spent on "documentaries" like the one that was meant to paint Hillary Clinton's ass black in 2008.  Faux News and their faithful devotees are howling with delight that the Supreme Court's ruling signals the triumph of free speech over tyranny.

The issue is whether a corporation should be equated with an individual when it comes to voicing its opinions in the public arena with money.  Corporations are amoral entities concerned with one thing only--profit.  Corporations do not read good books, fret over death, worry about the price of milk, seek transcendence, get speeding tickets, have children, write poetry, get cancer and denied health insurance coverage.

Democracy, if it is ever to really work, should be of the people and for the people--that would be making it real.  What we have now is a perversion of Democracy, its machination being of corporations for corporations.  There are five justices, sitting on their fat asses in Washington D.C., who don't get that.  And Faux News is hamming it up, giddy with delight that "free speech" is being preserved and championed for all the functionally illiterate Joe "The Plumbers" out there.

Health reform is going down the same way.  The conservative purse, filled with the ill-begoten gains of big Pharma and the insurance lobby, has convinced scared, ignorant Americans, through the medium of a "news" organization called Fox, to spit and rail against their own best interest in the name of 'freedom,' though they don't know what 'freedom' really means.  The beast the populist herd is feeding is the potential for unlimited corporate profits at the expense of Joe "The Fucking Plumber."  "Real" America will continue to get really screwed by the same people they vote for.

Wake up, Joe.  Corporate America doesn't give a damn about you.

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