Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The road to hell is paved with red herrings

After reading a Facebook posting, from a very wise "FaceFriend", about the news of politicians trying to pass into law a requirement for drug testing if receiving public assistance, my rant urge became too strong to not write. I have viewed some of the crap out there like NotWithMyMoney, blahblah, etc.

How is it even possible for Republicans to be concerned about this? Have they not been informed of the present state of the country right now?

Folks, we are fighting wars on 2 fronts, the economy is in shambles that may take decades to get out of, the general public has just been taken for the biggest heist ever by Wall Street, and our manufacturing base is being exported to whichever country will sacrifice their enviroment and health the most. Did you know that about 25% of the pollution hanging over California right now has been traced to China?

The previous administration allowed the use of the techniques that we EXECUTED the Japanese in WWII for as War Crimes. They basically gutted the Dept of Justice from investigating any social injustice. Not one person has gone to prison for that whole 8 year madness. Remember those Haliburton non-bid contracts for infrastructure that didn't get built? Blackwater mercenaries?

Okay, say that drug testing is an important issue. Skipping the fact that it is applied to only the group that probably doesn't have 10 lobbyist working for them at the Capitol, what are the issues that are raised by this and what is hoped to be gained by this?

 Let us list the possibilities..

    We may be able to save money by not having to give it to people on drugs.
If they were concerned with saving money, they would scream about pork barrel projects like  $1.4 billion welfare for an alternative jet engine for the Joint Strike Fighter that the military has repeatedly officially stated that they don't want. How about $1.9 million for the Pleasure Beach water taxi service project. There is a very long list of items so it can't be about saving money or applying government money fairly.

By not giving them money, it may make them change their life choices and improve their lives.
If they were concerned about that, they would offer rehabilitation and education services so that they would have a chance. Education is the key.

Drugs are bad, okay.
 Just the bad drugs are bad okay. Drugs produced by companies that eliminate shifty eye syndrome are okay. Existing drugs that are acceptable like smoking or drinking that do more damage than all of that "tested for" drugs are fine. But if testing was a concern, they would do it for everyone that gets public money, including teachers, politicians, police, firefighters, even those pricks on Wall Street who got TARP. But that would complicate things, applying testing equally.

What it really is....
This is a Red Herring issue, used as something to divert attention away from the more complicated issues that aren't solved with a 5 second sound bite. This to them is one of those screaming black and white issues that raises emotions from the Rush Limbaugh group and allows easy remembrance for the people that cannot make up their own mind and have to tune into AM talk radio to learn what a opinion is or what opinion they should have. They are too lazy to look up the actual facts or research an issue so they turn to a cigar chomping drug addict for their answers. (Is that irony? I get confused ever since that Alanis Morrisette song).

 For those 5 minute attention span people that gloss over the important stuff, seek easy solutions to complicated issues, and are easily mis-directed by "Red Herring" issues of the day, here is something to read so that you can make up your mind.

 Unemployment went up to 10 percent today as the gradual decay of the manufacturing base...Britneys VahJayJay...drug testing for persons receiving public assistance.

 Crime is on the increase especially in the urban areas due to decreased funding and lack... Saying Happy Holidays not Merry Christmas.... intelligent design taught in schools.

Divorce rates continue to climb as family stress conditions....Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.....Ban gay marriage to save the sanctity of the marriage.

See how easy that works.....look, a chicken!...send me all your money.


  1. It would probably cost more money to create the bureaucracy and administer the tests than could possibly be saved by denying benefits to those who test positive. Even if their motives were more humane, like testing people then making sure those who test positive are enrolled in a treatment program (for which there must actually be one available that has room- more money for that,) before they can get more benefits, then it would still be a sticky and expensive idea. But of course that isn't there intention is it?

    This is probably the best article I have ever read that had any mention of either Alannis Morissette or Britney's Vajayjay.

  2. Look! A Turkey got Elected in Massachusetts!! Send me All Your Money!!! ; (

  3. Makes me wonder if suddenly we are in a alternative universe when a Repub gets elected in Mass. Kennedys old stomping ground.

  4. I agree that we should legalize certain types of drugs. We have spent billions on this ridiculous "War on Drugs," and drug usage has actually gone up since its wrong-headed inception.

    This suggested legislation is a perfect example of a "red herring," the predominant species of fish most often seen in the company of Republicans.