Wednesday, March 24, 2010

H.R.3590, Motion to Concur in Senate Amendments Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: The Opera

Being philosophically opposed to helping people in need and making life better for anyone other than the 1% wealthiest of Americans, Fox News and their affiliates, the Republican Party and the Tea Party, ratcheted up the rhetoric and theatrics ahead of the vote in the House of Representatives last Sunday.

Members of the Tea Party on Capital Hill on Saturday made their voices heard like a thunderous fart echoing off the sanctuary pews.  How did they make their objections heard?  By calling one African-American member of Congress, who was beaten within an inch of his life in the early sixties for his efforts to secure civil rights, a--it starts with "n" and rhymes with chigger.

Less the frothing throng of idiots feared that they did not make their opposition to H.R. 3590 clear enough, they took it one step further.  Barney Frank, a serious legislator and a great statesman, was reminded what he already knows about himself and has told the world.  Some mentally challenged Teabagger (was that redundant?) called Representative Frank a--starts with "f" and rhymes with maggot.  Though he does virtually flutter up the steps of the Capital on his way to work every morning, he doesn't pretend to be something he isn't like some of the most religiously pious, wide-stanced, closeted homosexuals on the other side of the aisle.

During Sunday's deliberations, GOP members of the house egged on, from a balcony of the Capital, their functionally illiterate constituency below by holding signs that read, "KILL THE BILL," and the "Don't Tread on Me," coiled-snake flag.

Meanwhile, Michele Buchmann, candidate for the nuttiest bitch in the history of humanity award, reminded the Tea Partiers, through a bull horn, that if the bill were to pass that afternoon, first thing Monday file clerks from the Department of Human Services would begin to round up everyone's grandmothers, rape them, shoot them dead, and then rape them again for good measure.

On the floor of the House Representative Bart Stupak, the irritatingly pro-life Democrat was called a "baby killer" by some equally irritating butt hole from Texas.

On the local evening news, a woman with a hair-do like a cumulous cloud in attendance at a kill-the-bill watch party sobbed and sputtered uncontrollably at the horrifying news that the bill had passed and a black man would soon sign it into law.

Democratic representatives' offices were vandalized.  One congressman's brother's gas line at his house was tampered with at the behest of a Tea Party website that mistakenly gave out the brother's address thinking it was the congressman's, proving two things:  Tea Partiers aren't smart enough to do jack-shit correctly, and they are no more mature than a band of villainous thirteen year old boys that were potty trained by threat of physical abuse.

The most disappointing development from the far, honking-mad right is that the fat bastard, Rush Limbaugh, has not bolted for Costa Rica like he promised.  That's right, the fat f^@k has lied to all of us again.  Instead of being sprawled out on the tropical shore of Playa Manuel Antonio like a beached, albino whale, in an utter daze from ingesting a hand full of prescription pills chased with a bottle of rum, the prick is still at his golden microphone pumping several million people's ears a day full of false crap.

On the lighter side of things, the general public is just now starting to understand what is in the bill, and kind of likes it, according to recent polls.

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