Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Introduction of the Engineer

I am a Electronics Engineer but actually a paradox of sorts. My career requires that I be on the cutting edge of certain types of technology but at home I am a borderline Luddite.

I have been known to laugh out loud at jokes that I tell to myself mentally so at times this can be quite embarrassing. My humor tends to be a bit obtuse and on the dry side. I also have a bad habit of attempting to sing or whistle tunes that drive the people around me absolutely crazy with sole intention of getting them to do the same. It was a childhood thing...

One of the biggest contrasts is that I am a true blue liberal in a area which could be considered the very belly button of conservative red. We are talking metal balls hanging off truck bumpers, Calvin peeing on Obama's head window sticker, Git-R-Dun, ther' goin kill g-ma with that commie health bill COUNTRY.

BUT this blog is not to bash culture or lack of. In general, the people here will give their neighbor the shirt off their back. We are talking good hard working people, the backbone of this country.

This blog is for debate of the issues of the times not by rumors or "I got this email that says.." bullshit, but by science and substantiated facts. If someone can honestly debate with facts and persuade me with a valid opinion, my day is enriched because I have learned something! But I would expect the same attitude from other people as well. If I can enlighten someone else then that is a moment that makes this blog worth the effort.

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