Wednesday, September 9, 2009

malo malle mali quam mala equi

I remember a particularly funny episode of the David Chappelle show in which Negrodameus was predicting that we would find chemical weapons in Iraq. How did he know? Because we had the receipts.

A disturbing fact is that the US Arms business is booming. Right now the United States dominates with a very large percent of sales agreements of the Worlds Arms Exportation business. We have been at the top of our game for 8 years in a row now. We sale guns to totalitarian Arab countries. We sale guns to countries that the State Dept. warns tourists not to travel to. We sale guns to both sides of countries at war. We sale guns to drug lords in different countries. We sell guns to the police that are fighting drug lords in their countries. We sale guns to countries that arrest the women for showing their face in public. I guess it is ironic that we sale arms to countries that beat the crap out of women for showing their arms.

So the next time there is a big controversy about the President talking to the kids about responsibility, maybe other countries could be excused about not caring while their kids are being taught the proper way to prevent their machine gun from jamming or how to properly walk past a landmine field. Perhaps the point could be for the country to stop with this petty bullshit non-issues and start actually leading the world with that moral compass that we have talked about. Remember that??


  1. Lawyer:

    Dear Engineer,

    One of the most infamous examples of the U.S. selling arms to crazed despots in far away places is our involvement in El Salvador in the late '80's. We armed the pro-U.S. Salvadoran government, and trained their special forces at the College of the Americas (I think that's what it is called) to quash the leftist (communist) opposition in that country. Our legacy there is a massacre of hundreds of men, women and children in El Mozote Valley by the men we trained and armed. To this day, notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence, our government's official position is that it didn't happen. I don't have a lot of love for Hugo Chavez, but when he talks about American Imperialism, these are the sort of things he is referring to. It's stuff that really happened that most Americans are oblivious to.

  2. Lawyer: That's some fancy Latin for an engineer.

  3. The whole point of the post was a plea for the country to focus on what is important not only us but the rest of the world In my opinion, we have a a very good chance of doing that with this President if he can just dodge the partisan road apples.

    The place that you speak, Lawyer, is the School of Americas. This is the "Harvard Law School" of terrorism for Latin Countries.

  4. Engineer: Probably will get on somebodies list for doing this but here is a site dedicated to that particular school that you mention.

  5. When seeking the apple of knowledge, don't pay attention to whatever the horses asses are dropping in front of you.